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Used machinery for the food industry

From potato peeler machine to aquariums

Cutting, peeling and sorting vegetables and potatoes is peanuts with our professional kitchen machines!


The big job

Unlike in a private kitchen, gigantic quantities of food such as vegetables and potatoes are generally processed in a professional kitchen or in institutional catering businesses. In that case, a normal little peeler is not sufficient anymore, but you need a potato peeler machine. Bart Rotsaert Machinery offers a large number of professional food processing machines.

Vegetables, potatoes and cheese

We deliver all sorts of machines for the food processing industry, e.g. to process vegetables, potatoes and cheese. Our selection varies, but in general we offer:

  • Vegetable peelers or potato peeler machines
  • Vegetable or potato cleaning machines
  • Vegetable or potato graders
  • Vegetable graters
  • Cheese graters
  • Aquariums for fish and shellfish

Discover our offer

Do you need a potato peeler machine, a vegetable grater or grader? Then take a look at our offer. Apart from used machines we also offer new machines by Diamond. Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a price quote.